Langston Hughes Compare/Contrast Essay

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Langston Hughes grew up with a mom and a grandmother that were always there for him and a dad that was really never there for him in his life. So he puts his reality into his writing, just the way he grew up. The women in his stories are probably like the women in his life. In the story “Thank You Ma’am” and the poem “Mother to Son”, the characteristics that they portray are motherlike and maturity. In the short story, “Thank You Ma’am”, Mrs. Jones took on the teacher role and was giving Roger a lot of advice about what to do when she lets him go into reality. For example, in the short story Mrs. Jones had left Roger with her pocketbook and the door open to test him and he didn’t leave or steal her pocketbook so, inside he had maturity but, didn’t know how to use it (short story). Mrs. Jones is very strict and bossy…show more content…
Jones left the door open and her pocketbook out. He also, at the end of the story wanted to thank Mrs. Jones for the money she gave him to get his blue suede shoes, but he was just so…show more content…
For example, the male characters were both being taught what’s right and, for the female characters they both took on the teacher role to give advice to the boys in both stories. They were also, strong and brave and, trying to find the maturity, that they lost along their life. I think that I can connect to the female characters because, I personally think that I am strong and, not really brave but, that I can stand up for myself just like Mrs. Jones did when Roger tried to steal her pocketbook. I don’t think that I can relate to the male because, I don’t get taught what is right from wrong. Although the male characters were mature and I can connect and relate to that. So, I can connect to both characters because, I have characteristics from both of

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