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Research Proposal Research Question: In order to make maximum revenues profitably, is it better for Teritree to expand into the US market or to continue growing in India? Rationale: Teritree is currently focused on marketing its CEMANTIKA product to small, medium and large enterprises in India. They are facing significant pricing pressure because the Indian market is very price sensitive. Their sales cycles are long as customers require long trial periods. This is making it difficult to grow their business profitably. The organisation wants to explore other options to grow their business with the objective of achieving 100% revenue growth over the next 12 months without losing its profitability. Theoretical Framework: Financial and non-financial…show more content…
Ravikiran) of Teritree to understand 1) Current financials 2) Business objectives for the next 2 to 3 years 3) research done by the company on cost of entering and building business in the USA market and 4) Current challenges to grow their business in India. Questionnaires for potential customers in India and USA to understand value of the product perceived by customers, their willingness to pay, their requirement for trial period. Secondary Research: Utilizing the Internet, research on customer profiles in the USA and India and to compare how applicable the Teritree solution is for them. Review competitors and market leaders in India and USA to understand their strategies and customer base. Research market trends for technology in the related domain. Action Plan: Date Task Modification Topic selection Research proposal submitted Feedback Interview with CEO Identify potential customers Questionnaire for target market prepared Market research Competitor research PEST, Porters five forces, Ansoffs matrix, SWOT First…show more content…
Product: Teritree’s CEMANTIKA is powered by an innovative platform that leverages advances in social media and mobile Internet technologies. It is built using latest technologies such as Java & PHP. Operation and staff strength: As a start-up company, the company operates very efficiently with only a HQ in Bangalore. The company has fewer than 25 employees with additional interns working to help them in R&D and sales. Sales & Marketing: Teritree does both direct and indirect sales to acquire customers. For smaller customers they go through partners or online. For larger enterprise customers they sell directly. Most of the marketing is done online. Revenues & Margin: The source of revenue comes from selling their product licenses on a subscription basis. The company manages to grow its revenues every quarter. However, for various reasons, their net margins are very

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