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1. Introduction The main purpose of this study was to show the experiences of women when they try to fulfill their work role and their family role. Fulfilling family roles and work roles together has been found to produce a great conflict. This conflict has been known as Work-Family Conflict (Greenhaus & Beutell, 1985). This research introduces all of us to the reasons that this study considered while exploring the issue of Work-Family Conflict among female teachers of English. Now we will start briefly discussing the issue around women entering the workforce. Further on, the chapter discusses the issues regarding the teaching profession and the experience of Work-Family Conflict among teachers of English. This research discussed…show more content…
This finding is an example of strain based interrole conflict which is a type of Work-Family conflict (Greenhaus & Beutell, 1985). This clearly defines the nature of Work-Family conflict in that when professional work interferes with the roles in the home domain, this may cause stress and create problem to the individual, and this stress may also affect the requirements of the work (Hill, Yang, Hawkins, & Ferris, 2004). Furthermore, by giving a response to the thought that most female teachers of English are likely to consider their family role as most important, Blase and Pajak (1989) have argued that teachers usually paid a great attention towards performing their role as a teacher more efficiently than their role as a mother at home. Bilken’s (1995) Thomas and O’Brien’s (1984) researches also shows that teachers considered their work role to be most important to their identity. Work load among teachers of English may be due to result of a various reasons, such as restrictions due to high formal procedures making it difficult for teachers to plan their own…show more content…
In fact, teachers of English are not only responsible for ensuring in society that the youth are educated, but also that they acquire characteristics ,those are very important for a responsible person in a society . Although teaching profession is considered as more challenging and demanding, the lack of job control increases the strain and stress. It looks that lack of job control and stress are interrelated with each other. Many people assume that it is easy for teachers of English to balance their work role and their family role due to characteristics of the teaching profession. In spite of these views, most research on Work-Family conflict has ignored to focus on this profession. This makes it useful to gain more insight into this occupation. This detail may advice the necessary interventions required to alleviate the strain experienced by individuals within this

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