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CRITICAL ESSAY ACHREF ZINE LABIDINE Kanane TOPIC: don’t whitewash blackface prank Words: 675 Machabeng College international school P.O Box 1570 Maseru 100 Lesotho 5 February 2015 Editor from the star journal Johannesburg RE: commenting on the article don’t whitewash blackface prank As I see in the picture, the girls are dressed up like domestic workers and covered their skin with a black cream. They seem to be contented with what they have done and don’t feel ashamed. I think the pictures were disrespectful and a cruel thing to do. In my opinion I agree that the pictures are not funny at all, because they were simply mocking the workers which will definitely offend them. The students thought lampooning the domestic workers was a funny and entertaining and acted thoughtlessly as you said and I agree that they should be judged. I strongly believe that racism is still deep in all societies in the country because the…show more content…
This would reduce the domestic workers’ respect .I know that they behaved wrongly and it is a disgrace for the country and a shame as well. I think the idea of the students getting judged is a very good one because they will then learn why it is very wrong and stop mocking the domestic workers. They will learn how to act wisely and think sensibly and take each action

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