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The power of control is taking over Americans by drawing them to the familiarity of fast food products and their brands by keeping it quick and cheap. In order to prevent the fast food industry from taking over what we eat, we need to be educated on how to change and how to stop it from completely destroying our bodies. Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser explains to readers the power of control and how it is effecting the food we are putting in our bodies. He can tell how oblivious Americans are when it comes to how much money and time we spend getting cheap and gross food. We need to stop ignoring the fact that its fast and easy and actually be aware of what the fast food industry is doing. “The first step towards a meaningful change is by far the easiest: stop buying it. The executives who…show more content…
The whole food industry is killing our planet and we are letting them because no one is aware of how much it is really affecting the planet as a whole. We need to educate everyone and teach the people who are unaware the problems fast food is creating not only for people but also for our beautiful home. Understanding popular culture, too makes us more educated citizens in a changing world and demonstrates the changes which have effected our world. “Letter to the Dead” by Affonso Romano de Sant’ Anna trying to convey we as a society are actually moving backwards. We've advanced so far in meaningless technology to make life simpler, that that's exactly what's happened, life is so simple that nobody has drive to invent or innovate anymore. “We continue to sing congratulations at parties, argue football on street corners, die in senseless disasters” (Sant’ Anna). We haven’t stopped growing, we have gotten accustomed to what we know and we don’t want to change that. People get scared to move away from what they know and what they are comfortable with that they never want to change

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