Book Banning In Kurt Vonnegut's I Am Very Real

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Book banning has become a way for libraries and other places that sell or loan books to control what people can read, but many people have chosen to defy this practice. Authors who choose to infuse their pieces with coarse language, violence, or even controversial topics are being punished for these decisions. Consequently, book banning shouldn’t be allowed is because it can damage the author’s reputation, eliminate the opportunity to be introduced to new ideas, and sheltering the child from what the real world is. Firstly, if a library refuses to provide a book to the public, the authors profit on that book has a possibility of rising. This is due to the automatic curiosity that people have when told that the material in the book is crude…show more content…
In “I Am Very Real” Kurt Vonnegut states, “I am writing this letter to let you know how real I am,” to explain his books are based on principles that are presented throughout life, and he writes the truth. Authors are not trying to scare, force, or confuse children into thinking possible discriminated or controversial ideas about the world, but rather write what they feel and leave it up to the reader to perceive the piece in their own way. Books can help children understand harsh or controversial topics that can be uncomfortable discussing, and this can lead to the interpretation that the content is unsuitable and should be censored. Although the writing style that authors use can be thought as inappropriate for children, the theme that they are writing about is critical for later life. Moreover, according to “Common Reasons for Banning Books it reads” Some books have also been deemed too negative or depressing and have been banned….” Even though some books are sad and hard to compensate, these are concepts felt in life and books can help people deal with sad or unhappy feelings. Books are a remedy for children who don’t like to talk to others about uncomfortable subjects, and if they are banned, children won’t know how to deal with these emotions, and will have a hard time in later

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