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Fast Food Nation is a non-fiction writing aimed to inform readers of exactly what they are putting into their body after purchasing meals from a fast food franchise. This work explains the fact that there is more going on behind the scenes than what meets the eye. The name Happy Meal is ironic in itself; it does not take a health expert to understand that the happy meal is not happy for one’s health. The calorie count of a popular choice in Happy Meals (cheeseburger, fries, and whole milk) comes to the shocking number of 600. Schlosser points out the fact that America is not the only problem area; this is a result of McDonald’s being a worldwide chain. Thus, issues with unhealthy nations are uprising all over the world. Schlosser informs readers of cold hard facts by writing in a relaxed and optimistic tone. Logical appeal is easily identified in this work because of the true accounts and…show more content…
E coli is a bacteria that is discovered in digestive systems. When working in positive ways, the bacteria will break down foods and aid in passing them through the system. However, in accompany to this bacteria are threats. If this virus travels through the meat that one consumes, it will infect the customer with ill bacterial cells and soon take over their digestive systems. This relates to the issues in the fast food industry because of the meat collected from farms where harsh treatment and cruel circumstances are performed. If a fast food restaurant purchases the meat without knowing the threat of the meat being contaminated, the customers will soon be polluted with the virus as well. E coli is easily transferred through undercooked meat; undercooked meat is common in restaurants similar to McDonalds because of the fast pace cooking. However, E coli has taken a decline since recent health regulations put a strict hold on the evaluation of the meat before it is

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