Argumentative Essay: Caesar Vs. Fast Food

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The Sue Meant Sizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle! A lot people are getting rotund from fast foods but it is not the fast food places fault it is the person. Caesar Barber had a heart attack from eat to much fast food. Caesar ate this food for many years and got to be around 300 pounds before the heart attack. The places he ate at were all fast foods like McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC. Caesar said he got addicted but that is a lie the fast food places do not have any chemicals that make your mind addicted to it. Caesar sued the fast food because he said it was their fault. I think he knew it was bad for him but Caesar wanted to ate the food so it is fault that he got so rotund like a hippo that he had a heart attack. First Reason it is his fault not the fast foods. The fast foods are trying to make their foods healthier. It is his fault that he eat the food because they had good food but Caesar choose to eat junk food. Caesar said he thought the fast food was good for him but he must have had never ready the colures chart that every fast food has on the board were the food is showed. Caesar said he thought 100% beef but his problem said that so he could get the money. That is way it is his fault.…show more content…
It is ok if you eat there every day because they also have healthy foods and not the junk. All over fast food places are starting to add the new healthy foods. Like now McDonalds will give out milk, apples, and salads also mostly any fast food places you go to you can get a salad. That is way you can eat there every day if you eat the healthy food not junk like Caesar Barber

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