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Fast Food Nation The emergence of fast foods had promoted variation in consumer behavior over the years. A consumer’s behavior is the trend or characteristics displayed by an individual when looking for, buying, analyzing and evaluating the disposal of products, goods, services and ideas. Since consumer behavior is more or less the characteristics of a group of people, specific individuals, age groups or communities, there are varied tastes and preferences exhibited by consumers worldwide. Thus, firms and manufacturers endeavour to learn their specific segment of the population in order to lay strategies that will allow them to remain competitive. The market of fast food has a multiplicity of players involved thereof who make the field very…show more content…
The firms involved in this industry continuously struggle to attract diverse customers. These customers are of different age groups, gender and demand different foods. These Fast foods have led to the behavior of increased cost of living and the imbalance on the amount of money a family spends on food. In the recent years, American families have been spending more money on fast foods than they spend on personal computers, new cars, computer softwares or even higher education. The use of fast foods has led an increase in the gap between the rich and the poor, has culminated in the emergence of lifestyle diseases such as obesity and cancers, has led to the homogenization of the culture of people and has promoted the mulling of the landscape. It has also caused the imperialization of the world by the…show more content…
With increasing number of fast foods in the country, the number of obese people has also increased drastically over the same period. The obesity rate increased 13.9% in 1972 to 29.6% in 1999. This represents an increase of over 110% in obesity rates. Consumption of fast food high in fat content may have contributed significantly to obesity among children and adolescents. Fast food sources and restaurants are located in areas that are in close proximity to consumers such as shopping malls, near residential places and other public places. This makes consumers prefer them as they may have cheaper foods compared to high-end restaurants. Due to this, even the consumers in the upper middle class consider fast foods as a viable option. In addition, consumers working in strenuous job with short times for lunch breaks opt for fast foods due to convenience. Thus the availability of fast foods has limited the ability of the consumers to go for foods in the up-scale restaurants which are located at specific places and are expensive. Consumers therefore prefer taking foods from fast food joints thereby spending their disposable incomes economically as opposed to going for luxurious and extravagant high-end

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