Essay On Fast Food

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Hold back and Eat Better While you are driving on a highway in the United States, you will find lots of fast food restaurants. Almost every exit or service area is offering this kind of food methods. Moreover, you will find prepared foods in supermarkets that say, “ready to serve” or “make it in minutes.” Only one-third of Americans cook meals with fresh ingredients, and nowadays, Americans spend only thirty minutes for cooking their dinner, compared to 2 ½ in the 60’s. Eric Schlosser claims in his book “Fast Food Nation” that one-quarter of Americans eat in a fast food restaurant each day (Schlosser 3). However, why has it become such a trend for Americans to eat in a fast food restaurant? The answer is simple: nowadays the speed of getting…show more content…
First, their health is suffering. As we all know, unhealthy precooked foods and fast food are usually less healthy than meals which are cooked at home. Moreover, these unhealthy meals often have hidden preservatives, sugar, fat, and salt which leads to the fact that they cannot be as healthy as freshly cooked meals at home. According to Janet Renee’s article, people who do not eat fresh foods that provide vitamins and minerals might become tired, sick, and they might miss the opportunity to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Another problem which might become dangerous is adiposity. There is an adiposity epidemic challenge which doctors are facing nowadays in the United States. Especially with young people it is extreme, and it is related to the way people are eating. Adiposity can lead to many health issues, such as diabetes, cancer, or heart diseases. Unfortunately, physical inactivity and poor diet might overtake tobacco as a cause of death. If this kind of unhealthy food causes people to become adipose, and then adiposity leads to sickness or death, fast food cannot be considered as an “improvement” in Americans’
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