Midnight In Paris Interpersonal Communication

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Building a relationship among two people can sometimes appear to be an unbelievably complicated task for both parties. It might be easy to get into relationships with a person we like, but it seems to require much effort from both parties of the process to keep relations on the appropriate level and within definite flow. The situation like this is reflected in the film “Midnight in Paris”. The film shows a development of relationships between Gil and Inez who seem to have problems in interpersonal communication. Those problems tend to show in aspects of nonverbal communication, in terms of relational dialectics theory and the way for conflict solution. Gil and Inez' relationship in the film “Midnight in Paris" illustrates the importance of…show more content…
In terms of nonverbal communication, all the signs from position to look, from head inclination to any small movement and slightly noticeable changes of facial expressions have to be interpreted in the right way. It is of even higher importance since “Gaze, touch, and most other nonverbal behaviors take their meaning in a complex way from the situation and other co-occuring nonverbal behaviors” (Knapp, Hall & Horgan, 370). For example, in many cases when Gil is excited about something and shares it with a woman he loves, Inez just seems to reflect either her lack of interest in what he is saying or her disapproval of Gil's words on her face (Midnight in Paris, 2011). Besides, her position against him is in many cases very protective and restricted from him. One example of such behavior was when Gil took Inez to a place where he first was taken away by the car into the past, where she was standing with her arms crossed and looked at her partner with a look screaming that he is insane (Midnight in Paris, 2011). In such way, nonverbal communication appears to hurt their relationship since such signs evidence that she does not love, does not support, and does not want to understand him. The nonverbal communication stays in the film unnoticed by Gil, which leads to an increased misunderstanding later

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