Family Reflection

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It is impossible to find two people who have identical beliefs, the same reaction on the one situation and are equally treated by the society. The place we were born, the people who surrounded us while we were growing up, and many other elements that might be considered as minor ones affect us and make unique. They are not only our background, but our playing field. It includes such things as family, gender, social class, education, race and ethnicity, culture, or religion. They can be both positive and negative, but they always influence our lives. In my work, I will focus on three topics; these are family, education and race/ethnicity. Family occupies a prominent place in my life. All members of the family have their own roles, which others…show more content…
One of the strongest predicators that are mentioned in course of the school education is a family background (Ritzer 304). I support this statement referring to the elementary school. Little children are their parents’ reflection, and so am I. The efforts that were placed in order to turn a child into a person who is conscious of his actions were not wasted in my case. I believe that the foundation of my worldview was laid at that time by the parents and teachers. Since then I extend it including my own efforts. Having a role of student right now, I am usually expected to share my professors’ thoughts and provide my own ones at the same time. This is called a role strain, a situation in which two expectations occur within one role and make tension (Andersen and Taylor 115).This element deals with cultural and social values and cannot be relevant to all similar cases. Still while studying I gain some information and, as a rule, I am supposed to reveal this knowledge, but not my own ideas regarding the topic. However, it seems to be a right approach, as new worthy thoughts should be produces on the basis of reliable information. Education is considered to be tightly connected with socialization. These processes make people learn something new on different levels (Ritzer 403). For example, at home I got to know how to speak and use the speech in the conversation and at school how to write and communicate with my classmates. Now studying at the Irvine Valley College, I am socializing and adapting to the new country and its peculiarities and learn new information connected with the chosen sphere. The functional theory claims that it is possible to unify the society and to make people equal through the process of education (Andersen and Taylor 425). Having the same level of basic knowledge, more people will have a range of opportunities in their lives. I support

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