Family Reflection Paper

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1. Displacement Unfortunately, I am somewhat the queen of displacement. On numerous accounts, find myself taking by negative emotions out on my family, or the people surrounding me. I have an example from just a few weeks ago. It was a Friday night, and I had just gotten home from hanging out with a group of my closest friends. Although the night had started off great, it didn’t end up all that wonderful. I got a little upset when I saw a picture on social media of my ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend. I typically don’t let situation like this one get to me, but on this occasion I was upset. It was the first girl since the breakup that I had seen him with, and I took it a little harder than I expected myself to. Moving on, as soon as I got…show more content…
I do not enjoy confrontation on any level, with anyone, and I will do whatever it is I can to avoid confrontation. The roommate example in the article actually fits perfectly with the example I’m going to give. I currently live in an apartment with five other girls, and I share a room with one of those girls. Sharing a room is new for me. I’ve only grown up with my one brother my whole life, and so sharing a room wasn’t something we ever had to do. Thus, moving in with a roommate has been rather difficult. I didn’t fully comprehend prior to move-in that sharing a room with another person, also means sharing everything else you own. My roommate is notorious for wearing my clothes, eating my groceries, and using my make-up/hair products. It’s a problem for me, because I can’t financially afford to share groceries and things of that sort. However, I am unable to inform my roommate of this issue out of fear that it will cause a conflict. Therefore, I will resort to leaving the apartment for a while, usually going to the library to work on school assignments, to remove myself from the situation. Instead of facing the issue, I chose to suppress my emotions. I’d have to say that this is another defense mechanism that is also hurting my development because I’m letting this frustration build up inside of
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