Zillion Builders Pavilion Case Study

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RISK ASSESSMENT Every company experiences losses and is expected to expose in different risk. This part identified the different risk/loss exposure of the Zillion Builders Pavilion. Giving importance to the risk identification, this involves the risks or threats that were found and are likely to affect the firm. In addition, the analysis and evaluation of the identified risk/loss measures the frequency and the severity of the risk of Zillion Builders Pavilion. The analysis is determined by how the identified risk may affect the Zillion Builders Pavilion. IDENTIFICATION CHOOSING THEIR WALK-IN CUSTOMERS One of the identified risks in the Zillion Builders Pavilion is the viewpoint of choosing their walk-in customers. As the firm practicing the “Anti - Prostitution” on their company, this may be a quite loss for them as more walk in customers are visiting their practical hotel. Some of their…show more content…
There is no bad effect for the company in advertising their services more. Prone to Calamities According to Ms. Shelley, as they encounter the typhoon Glenda, it affects the companies’ facilities and home materials. She also said that there is no insurance that was used for the renovation of damage amenities, which is they are liable for the damage that was caused by the typhoon. Because of this typhoon, the company gains from it because there were many refugees prevailed to check into the rooms. Limited Rooms Limited rooms are highly experienced by the customers of the Zillion Builders Pavilion, specially the walk in customers. The impact of a few rooms to offer affects the firm’s as the customers expect that there are many rooms that the service can offer. Limited Event Centre/ Function

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