Factors Of Stress In Life

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Every human being is inseparable from facing pressures or stress in life. However, the pressures have a different stage. Stress faced by adults may be due to thinking about family problems, financial or career, while for teenagers also faced pressure may be related to their studies, relationships with friends or family-related problems. For some people, stress may bring success and happiness in life, while others consider stress as a source of misery and suffering until the pressure it brought an end to life. As a student, I also did not escape the pressures resulting from various factors, especially the lesson. Stress is your body's way of responding to any kind of demand. It can be caused by both good and bad experiences. When people feel…show more content…
One of the stress factors is personal problems; it also can divide into a few of several parts that is relationship, money, emotional problems and other. In term of relationship does not means problems with their soul mate it’s also can include problems with parents, sibling, friend, office mate, employer and other. This situation will increase stress level even they not directly involved but they see and hear the situations. Other than that, emotional problems also the factors of stress. The person will feel unable to relate to someone or needing to show their emotions but not being able to can weigh you down with additional stress. Positive outlets for emotional release are important in general stress management. Mental health disorders including depression and anxiety can only add to this emotional stress. Financial trouble also can cause a stress. Rent, card credit debt, inability to provide money for family and inability to support their daily life in city also can give serious amount of stress for person. in this society, in can be pressure to them, more wages they get, more debt they have to pay. financial stress is something that nearly everyone can relate to. According to the APA, 75 per cent of Americans say that finances are a significant source of stress in their life so we need money to life and we have to manage it…show more content…
Indeed stress can affects the person in term of body, mood also on their behaviour. Person should be able to recognize the symptoms and manage them wisely. Effects stress for the person body can recognize if the person always having headaches, problems sleep, fatigue, chest pain and other. Other person also can recognize it, as example when they see the other person having a eyes bags or the person look very exhausting it means they have a problems and it make them feel stress because they not find the solution. Stress also can effects your mood. The person those having a stress easily to feel Anxiety, Restlessness, Lack of motivation or focus, Irritability or anger, Sadness or depression.as example, the person have to submit proposal about project to their manager by this evening, but the proposal still not finish yet. This situation will make he/she become anxiety, sadness and depression. Another effects is the person behaviour. Some person can manage their stress and some person cannot, if the person cannot handle their stress the situation will be like this Overeating or underreacting, angry outbursts, drug or alcohol abuse, tobacco use and social withdrawal. For example, as a worker the employer and staff should have respects each other an especially woman, many newspapers talking about sexual harassment in company and the victim is women. This situation will make the staff feel stress, and maybe this

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