Three Points Of Preventive Action

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8.0 PREVENTIVE ACTIONS Preventive action can be referred as an action to reduce or eliminate the probability of certain undesirable accidents or incidents from occurring in future. Preventative action is generally less costly than mitigating the effects on negative events once they occur. However, it can also be waste of resources if the predicted event does not take place. Therefore, risk analysis and assessment techniques are being used to calculate the probability of the negative events to determine the effectiveness of potential preventative actions. There are three points of preventative actions. Firstly, analyze process or conduct characteristics for negative trends that if a person is left alone, that person could be…show more content…
First, safety poster and propaganda which known by hanging poster that create awareness or consequences of an issue. Second, intensive training on safety by means giving training to employees regarding safety issues. Third, top management commitment is known whereby it is a direct participation by the highest-level executives in specific and crucially important aspect or program of an organization. Fourth, safety policies. Essentially, employers are required to implement safety policies to protect and ensure the safety of each employees. It is required to cover up all aspects of the organization and it should be relevant to all employees. Fifth, all organization should have proper selection of PPE. All employers have duties concerning the provision and the usage of personal protective equipment (PPE) at work. Therefore, PPE is an equipment that will be protect the user against health or safety risks at work. It can be included the items such as safety helmets, gloves, eye protection and so on. 9.0 SOURCES OF…show more content…
Despite to it, to control and manage stress there are several ways to do it. The first way to manage stress by doing exercise. For your information, exercise is one of the way to reduce stress. It acts as a natural painkiller whereby one’s body produce endorphins from physical activity, a type of chemical that it is in the brain and improve the ability of sleep which tends to reduce stress. Next, the second way to manage stress is by implementing good diet habits. By implementing good diet, it can boost our immune system. Certain food provides comfort and increase levels of hormones in the body and naturally fight stress such as chronic stress. The third way to manage stress by knowing when to pull back. Ultimately, stress can make one feels depressed, worn out, make one feels sick, or even causes death. It occurs because stress is both emotional and a physiological habit. Therefore, it required for one to know when to pull back and spend time for

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