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The Accountancy program remains as one of the toughest courses offered in the Philippines. Every year, two board examinations take place–one in May and one in October. The said exam usually reaches a mere 50% passing rate probably making it one of the hardest board exams currently present in the country. Also present in this program, are the zero-based grading systems, grade retention policies, and qualifying exams that screen the abilities of students. Because of these grueling challenges, individuals may suffer from mental strain and tension. Being involved in the Accountancy program not only brings sleepless nights and tons of readings but it also brings stress–the main cause of anxiety. Stress is something that causes strong feeling…show more content…
It is also defined as a condition or feeling experienced when a student perceives that demands caused by academic factors, such as coursework, career implications, and assessment, exceed the personal and social resources available to the individual accountancy student. Accountancy students deal with so much stress because of loads of requirements – academic and non-academic studies. Also, academic stress is a part of an Accountancy students’ life due to constant pressure to meet the course requirements especially to students under a scholarship program and being under a zero-based grading system. Students under the program of accountancy experience stress brought forth by academic related demands exceeding the adaptive resources available because of the discrepancy between student’s perception and how they handle…show more content…
This concept is necessary in order to explain individual differences. In the study, the appraisal concept is used in the questionnaire as a means of measurement for motivational disposition in the coping mechanisms section. In relation to the concept of appraisal, the researchers through the analysis of the tabulation results could evaluate the conditions of the respondents based on their responses. Being limited to the same group of individuals as respondents, the respondents’ current state with regards to the effects of stress in their studies would most likely be assessed by the researchers having enough data of dealing with the different factors of stress. Moreover, aside from the analysis of the key factor for understanding stress-relevant transactions which is known as the concept of appraisal theory, another concept of the Lazarus theory is the coping concept which is likewise relative to this

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