The Rainbow Oskar Schindler's A World Of Darkness

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A World of Darkness In the years past, there have been some unwelcoming leaders. Leaders who choose to put themselves first for a financial gain or even personal power. During the holocaust, it was a grey world. This world was filled with war, famine and destruction. Hitler, the leader of the German Nazi Army was a ruthless killing machine with no heart. However, after every rain storm there is a rainbow. When you go to the end of the rainbow Oskar Schindler is there. At first, he was like everyone else, did not care about the Jews and only used them for financial gain. He would obfuscate the Jews making them do whatever he says. Thankfully, he had a change of heart and saved thousands of Jews. One of which was a little five year old Jewish…show more content…
Since he was rescued, he wanted to have a geological impact on the world to restore his past ancestors’ history. He also became a filmmaker to show crisp cinematography of the world he lived in and what life is like now. Zev Kedem called Shindler a, “Biblical hero, an imperfect vessel capable of perfect action” (Kedem 4). Schindler was a selfless hero that gave a chance to the Jews to survive and Zev Kedem could not be more grateful. Now in his later years as a lecturer of the Holocaust, he educated people on what happened during those rough twelve years and dedicated his time to talk about the reason why he is standing before us today, Oskar Schindler. Zev Kedem keeps Schindler's name alive when he goes in front of people and informs them of past history and having a good kindness of heard. Nevertheless, Spielberg contacted him to be in the movie Schindler's List, a scintillating film. Kedem graciously agreed, helping with elucidating information, places to film, and did this all in honor of his hero Oskar Schindler. Afterward, he found out that his sister was still alive. They were separated during the Holocaust. She was in Poland he was in America. Finally, at age 84 he lives happily in California, where his sister is close by and their grandchildren play together. Zev says that he is grateful for Shindler because without him the Kedem name would not go on Generations down the

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