Reverse Globalisation In Africa

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11. Globalization in Question? When speaking of globalization, one question that comes to mind would be if there is a possibility to reverse globalization, and if yes, how reversible is it. In this case, reversing does not refer to whether globalization can be altered to the extent of complete demobilization. Instead, it refers to whether globalization can be altered in such a way that all societies find it possible to make the best out of it, and not just a few countries. In order to analyze this question, one would have to take a proper look into the unfair nature of today’s globalization and the way it treats nations, and then come up with ideas to adjust it so nobody has to face any side effects. The World Commission on the Social Dimension…show more content…
Had it not been for social changes such as medical discoveries, technological advancements, etc. it would barely be possible for mankind to even survive. But then again, societal change is not always beneficial. Similarly, globalization may have its benefits and advantages, but we cannot ignore the disadvantages that come along with it. Countries like the United States enjoy its fortunes while Africa continues to struggle. The concept of globalization is hence rather unpredictable. Currently, Africa greatly depends on farming and exports for its economy, which will become a rather outdated practice as a result of…show more content…
As of now, the economy of Africa depends greatly on regionally grown commodities like cocoa, sugar, vanilla, palm oil, etc. and is all about coming up with better techniques to produce faster and cheaper, while also staying within “research facilities or within the non-traditional environment” at the same time (IPS 2004). While a majority of the world looks forward to globalization and gets excited about it, African farmers and some others fear economic destructions and dark days. Globalization has already started to destruct the nature of equitable commerce. Hence, the current process needs various alterations to make sure none of the countries suffer as a result of globalization. The Commission came up with a multifaceted task in its document which named “A Fair Globalization”, and does the job of creating opportunities for whoever matches the following criteria: ? More attention towards people who address global issues such as community empowerment, gender equality, work opportunities, cultural autonomy, etc. ? A state that is both effective and democratic wherein there exists a capacity to offer social and economic opportunities to everyone while assimilating into the global

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