The Harvest Poem Analysis

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I agree with Jeremy. By reading the first stanza, it can be inferred that the farmers serve the persona diligently as seen in the line “they writhe in bristling grasses and wormy mud.” Also, the farmers start their work right away and tend to the plants in the morning because aside from being laborious, farming takes a lot of patience for the the seeds to grow. Furthermore, these seeds must be watered and protected from pests in order for the harvest to be abundant. Once the workers “return with fat-bursting fruit,” the persona is the one who benefits from the labor since he says “and I eat the fruit.” For me, the persona is the boss or the authority since he addresses the farmers as “workers.” The second stanza exposes the readers even more to the experience of the workers, their dreadful workplace, and to their labor. First, the workers are described as people who “toil at boiling point,” meaning that they work extremely hard to the point that they reach their maximum capacity or abusing their bodies.…show more content…
In line 7, the way the persona uses the words “suck” and “slimy” to describe how the workers gather their energy and what they eat in order to work for him says a lot about his personality. He feels disgusted with the “slimy cassava,” the food the workers consume. In other words, the persona, feeling disgusted towards his workers, mistreats them and sees them as animals and not humans. Furthermore, line 8 depicts that the workers do not even have access to clean water in their dreadful setting because the taps have rusted of old age. The persona does not even care that his workers are not getting clean water. He simply cares for the Benz his workers have assembled. Even if the persona has the means and money to provide the appropriate setting for his workers, he doesn’t even spend a dime to improve their harsh working

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