Fresh Direct Case Study Summary

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FreshDirect grand strategy is to increase market share in the online grocery shopping business. This could be implemented by growing their rate faster than the industry average. According to the case study of FreshDirect, the company claimed revenue of $250 million in 2010. In 2009, they claimed $230 million. FreshDirect would enable a clear awareness into a performance related to products and services throughout the company. This will help the company to improve their customer satisfaction. Since the company’s biggest issue is dealing with competitors, we use our solution and plan of action to reduce the risk of loosing customers. Our plan for implementing the solution is to provide FreshDirect a short and long term solutions to continue…show more content…
one of the competitors are Amazon, NetGrocer, Peapod, and YourGroccer have had some issues in their delivery and product pricing. In order to continue FreshDirect’s primary market position in a marketplace of online grocery shopping, they should show their differences from these competitors. Therefore, formulating a strategy can be regarded as a continuous learning process. This would include learning about the objectives, the consequence of promising towards the success of achieving these goals. Additionally, the company needs to reveal how to put into practice and implement the solution into action. In the article, Braddock predicted that online sales within next 10 years would expand to about 20% of total grocery sales. As it is showing in Appendix A, FreshDirect has a better price than the other three competitors that are threatening the company. This chart shows that it is possible for FreshDirect to have a low price and good quality products and services. This explains that there is a positive future for an online grocery store. Therefore, the distinction of putting strategy and power of the implementation together has a direct relation to the FreshDirect’s future

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