Amazon Online Shopping Case Study

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Title Name Course Date Online shopping has risen over the last few generation, as competition rise new online based companies are formed each every time. One of this company is Amazon which is an American based company founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. It integrated as “Cadabra” on July 5, 1994 but a year later changed to As one of the largest internet-based companies in the world amazon began as an online bookstore, later it expanded to sell Blu-rays, video downloads and audiobooks among other commodities. Today the company produces consumer electronics such as fire tablets and amazon kindle E-books, it also sells low-end products in its in-house label Amazon Basics. Within the first four months after amazon was incorporated it became a well-liked site on the web, making high marks on some internet ranking generating a sixth leading site on point communications top ten list. It…show more content…
With this Bezos went to work on enhancing the already fruitful website and on improving the company’s distribution capabilities. Over the years, the normal bricks-and mortar policy for large retailers, with its tag along high overhead costs, has become a problem to the retailers. Failure in Amazon delivery system is creating problems. Same day delivery works in case the company has the item in stock at a nearby warehouse or if a third party can deliver the item immediately. The company being the biggest in America, has led to great loses as it is not able to satisfy consumer and the method of delivery is expensive and time consuming. Another problem is the dozen of the sellers complaining that Amazon withholds their payments for a long period. This does not only jeopardize their capacity to restock and stay in business. The sellers can also take advantage and sell on their own accounts creating a problem for Amazon “wood,

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