Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction

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Introduction : In this research i will talk about job satisfactions and how can be affecting the performance of certain company either positive or negative .Also what will discuss the factors that will detriments the satisfaction among employees. So, this topic really important in any workplace because by keeping your employees satisfied and happy with the job will be expecting a real improvement in performance .Also workers will want to stay in the company as long as they can because they are satisfied and their needs are fulfilled. Job Satisfaction of Employees Job satisfaction refers to overall positive feelings towards a job. As Locke defines job satisfaction is, “Pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s…show more content…
This kind of need produces such satisfaction as power, prestige status and self-confidence. Need for self-actualization : Maslow's said it's the most impotent need in his hierarchy and when employee know that he is more than cable to achieve anything he wants What are the Factors determining Job Satisfaction of Employees? there are several factors will determining the satisfaction of employees and it's divided into physical, psychological and environmental factors. First will discuss the Psychological Factors 1 - Health and Safety : working in a healthy and safe work place will assets in more productive work and high performance of employees . Also feeling safe while doing your work will give you a relief feeling and relaxation . 2 - Job nature : this is what will trigger the satisfaction . When you work in something you love , interesting and not heavily crowded with work , you love it…show more content…
In doing so you are benefit your company in the first place and this will increase your reputation among others companies because your are showing a lot apperception to your workers and that will attract more employees to work with and even attract a very will known mangers and employees with a lot of expertise because you care

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