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Completing homework is like making a shopping list. Many people find list making helpful, and therefore write lists, and others find this practice unnecessary. Those who do write would feel stress if it began to consume large portions of time and is something that they felt was in some ways unneeded. Although true, putting in too much time only causes stress. Making lists should be a task that is not fun, but still helpful to the individual. Homework should be the same. Even though necessary in small quantities, homework in excess amounts can be too harsh putting indesirable burdens on students that is no longer helpful. Because homework causes too much stress, there is not enough benefit to warrant the amount of time students spend on homework, and it interferes with activities such as spending time with families and hobbies, students in public school in the U.S. should not be given…show more content…
Encouraging school boards to decrease the workload, discussing with teachers about the quantity to quality ratio of homework they provide, and making sure that the time spent on homework is undistracted and quality will all make issues revolving around homework better. No one can remove homework for good, but it can be made better. Homework, like many other systems, is flawed. List making should be to better help a person not be forced upon. Although homework is needed, the amount assigned can be adjusted so that it is helpful and not busywork. Nearly no one would spend three hours trying to find out what to buy at the store because they need to practice finding what they do and do not have at home, but yet it is acceptable to let students do something so unhelpful like homework for three hours after they were at school for

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