Persuasive Speech On Being Healthy

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If you are being asked by someone on how healthy you are, can you give him or her the right answer? Absolutely not! You know why? It is because you are not sure if you are healthy on the inside. You may be healthy on the outside, but what about your inner body? Can you really tell them and become confident that you are both healthy on the outside and inside? There’s no mistake that you may say “NO” immediately. Your body is not built for perfection, but it can be managed on whatever lifestyle you may have for now. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to become healthy? No matter what profession you are right now, you need to stay healthy. There are several ways for you to become healthy, but only few are proven to be effective. Did you…show more content…
If you are too confident about your health right now, think again. Your body is not perfect and exempted from getting sick one day. You are not born to be perfect, but you can manage it yourself. The next question that comes in your mind is if you’re willing to become healthy no matter what. If yes, here are the necessary steps for you to become healthy: Step #1: Get rid of processed foods in your refrigerator and kitchen This is the first step that you have to do in terms of getting healthy is by getting rid or eliminating the clutter. In other words, you need to throw away processed foods that would contribute to damage your cells further. Step #2: Never ignore supplementation According to doctors and scientists, supplementation is now required in order for you to become healthy. You can’t just simply rely on the foods you eat. The foods and drinks that you consume are not enough to supply your cells with the right amount of micronutrients needed by your cells for good. Some of them say that there are four ways to maintain your health. Eat right, regular exercise, avoid stress and practice supplementation. Choose a supplement that is designed for optimal cellular

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