Factors Affecting Classroom

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This chapter provides a discussion around the literature about the Physical factors affecting the students’ behavior inside the classroom. It will also provide the Dependent and the Independent Variable of this study. In addition, this chapter reviews a variety of research studies addressing the importance of classroom environment. Student’s Attitude A study completed by Lovin (1972) in Middle Georgia explored the attitudes of high school students who had moved from a traditional school to an open-space school. It was shown that the children were keenly aware of their school building and responded positively to bright and comfortable surroundings. In fact, these students’ attitudes were directly related to their physical surrounding. Chan…show more content…
Together, they wanted to determine if classroom design affects student learning. Data was collected from 7 primary schools in 34 classrooms with different learning environments and age groups, and 751 total pupils.1 The findings: “Classroom design could be attributed to a 25 percent impact, positive or negative, on a student’s progress over the course of an academic year. The difference between the best- and worst-designed classrooms covered? A full year’s worth of academic progress.”2 So, what classroom design aspects mattered most? Six of ten design parameters had the most significant impact on student learning: Color – providing an ample amount of visual stimulation through color on walls, floors and furniture: warmer for younger students and cooler for older students Choice – quality of the furniture in the classroom, as well as providing “interesting” and ergonomic tables and chairs for pupils; support a “This is our classroom!” sense of ownership Connection – clear and clean corridors; quick access to classrooms and connections with other spaces; wide and clear pathways Complexity – greater site and building area, and novelty of…show more content…
Physical environment such as leaky roofs can affect the student’s academic Performance because the students cannot concentrate in their lessons and it can lead to academic failure. Other physical environment like problems with heating, ventilation and air condition system (HVAC), insufficient cleaning or excessive use of cleaning chemicals and other maintenance issues can affect the student’s academic Performance. And this physical environment factors can set off a host of health Problems such as asthma and allergies and it can also increase the numbers of Absentees. Improvements in school environmental quality can enhance academic Performance, as well as teacher and staff productivity and

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