Explain What Four Steps Should An Organization Follow In Determining Which Technologies To Use

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What four steps should an organization follow in determining which technologies to use? The first step an organization should follow in determining which technologies to use would be to assess the state of completion and industry pressures affecting the organization. Second determining the business strategies critical to successfully address those competition and industry pressures. The third step would be to identify the most important business operations that support the strategies determined. And lastly, to align the technological tools needed with the important business processes identified. How does the granularity of information change as it moves from lower to upper organizational levels? At the lower level of organizations information often displays fine granularity due to the fact…show more content…
Competitive advantages are never permanent because competition will never go away. Competitors are always trying to one up each other so just when you think you have the advantage the other marketer pulls ahead. This keeps the competition on going and therefore the competitive advantages could never be permanent. Short Answer Questions - Chapter 2 What is the role of a supply chain management (SCM) system? "Supply chain management (SCM) tracks inventory and information among business processes and across companies" Haag, (n.d.), pg. 38-39). This method gives companies a valuable advantage over their competitors who still use traditional retail selling. What are the typical functions in the CRM system? CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a system used to collect customer information to obtain an understanding of their wants and needs as well as behaviors in an effort to better service them. Once the information is gathered the company can then create the best product geared toward that specific target market. What is the difference between front-office and back-office

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