Carn Croop Poem Analysis

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And that is the end of the poem”, said Professor Wright. “Any thoughts from anyone?”, he asked. Hedy raised her hand. I was surprised. Hedy rarely talked. “Professor Wright Sir, when can I see my husband? He gave me joy and happiness in life. We were married for fifty-one years before he passed away. Please Sir, I just want to see him again”. Professor Wright did not give Hedy the answer as to when she would again see her husband. He, instead, said that she was on the right path. I figured that must mean I was on the right path too. The bell then rang and we were all onto the next class. Chapter 11 - Elevator (Floor 6 - Training - Love 101) I was ready for my last training class before entering heaven. The teacher was Mr. Robinson…show more content…
Robinson stated, “I will be reading a poem by Carolyn Croop. This poem shows that love hurts and love can be lost.. It also shows that the heart can begin to heal. It goes like…show more content…
Robinson, “Can anyone tell me where the mistake in this poem is?” I pointed out that the word “gaul”, was misspelled. “Very good”, he said to me. “Now, answer why the author misspelled the word”. I had no idea. I said, “Because she made a mistake?” Mr. Robinson nearly shouted at me saying, “No! No! Incorrect! The reason, class, is that love is imperfect”. Class was over. We were to get back on the elevator and enter onto the seventh floor for graduation. I then felt a tap on my shoulder. Mr. Robinson gave me his mad looking eyes and handed me a folded card. He then stood there. I was assuming he was waiting for me to open the card, so I lifted it open and read the word, “Fail”. I looked at Mr. Robinson and his evil looking eyes again as he said, “This is an embarrassment. You are the only ghost to have ever failed in love. This does not look good on me or heaven’s reputation. Mr. Robinson then explained to me that when a ghost fails a class, they must go back to the ground level, board the ghost train again, and they would be assigned one

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