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BHOOMI FARMCO-PRODUCER ORGANIZATIONS AND ENHANCING STAKEHOLDER EXPERIENCES. Mr. Prasannakumar Ganji. Sr. Lecturer Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology (BIET) MBA Programme Davangere Karnataka, Mobile no: 9481730858. (Corresponding Author) Dr. V. Murugaiah. Professor and Dean IMS Davangere University Davangere, Karnataka., Mobil no: 9480363150. The case discusses the role of Bhoomi Farmco a producer organization in inclusive growth by utilizing voluntary sector and private sector. Bhoomi Farmco works for the poor farming community in rural area. The case highlights the issues of the farmer’s related to inorganic farming, costly agri inputs, production cost, lack of market…show more content…
The minimum support prices started reducing. The problem is intense and the causes include instable policies of World Trade Organization and the respective nation’s subsidy policy for cotton growers, which made the divisions of eastern Maharashtra, mentioned above uncompetitive in the world cotton markets. Due to this eastern Maharashtra characterized by high rates of school drop outs by children of farmer’s, bankruptcy made farmers to commit suicides, money lenders and abuse of the financially weak groups. Initially Government of India promised to increase the cotton minimum support price by approximately Rs100 per tonnage but later gone back on its own words by reducing the Minimum Support Price further. Consequently farmers stated committing suicide as farmers were embarrassed due to default on debt payments to financial institutions and money lenders. "In the year 2006, there were 1,044 suicides reported in eastern region of Maharashtra alone – that means one suicide in every eight hours. By looking in to this problematical condition NGO for organic farming (NFOF) wanted to do something to stop the farmer’s suicides. NGO for organic farming (NFOF) is a network of community based development organizations, farmers associations like farmer federation and rural NGOs. NGO for…show more content…
Quality improvement services are provided to farmers on organic farming, fair trade, certification of crops and entrepreneurship for rural development, natural resource management and conservation of agricultural ecology, biodiversity and sustainable development. The project started during 2006 as part of the project one marketing company by name Bhoomi Farmco a producer organization was set up to help the cotton growers. Farmers of eastern Maharashtra are part of the company. The production, procurement and supply chain is conducted for reducing the long chain of

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