Examples Of Teenagers In The Media

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Nowadays the media does not accurately portray teens and their lives. It portrays teenagers in two ways. Either portrayed as anti-socials that all drink, smoke and have sexual intercourse on a daily basis. Or else they are portrayed as victimised and the future of the world we live in. They don’t show teenagers as handling immense burdens, facing stressful decisions and struggling to discover themselves in a realistic way. Instead they portray them in negative ways because the media portrays what sells. The character Misaki from anime Maidsama portrayed as an excellent hard worker, boy hater, who cares about her family the most and who doesn’t care about her appearance as a typical teenager. Unlike a typical teenage girl. Misaki is a very hardworking…show more content…
The teenage character Regina George is portrayed as a ruthless, narcissistic, manipulative, and vindictively vengeful sociopath, capable of doing everything in her power to get what she wants. The special ingredient behind Regina's control was two things – sex appeal and the insecurity of others. The theme and idea within this representation is saying that for the character Regina, she needs her perfect body in order to keep her social status, so if she were to lose that factor, she would also lose her popularity. This represents the teenage girls that in order to gain attention and be considered 'hot' you need to make sure you have the 'perfect body', and by doing that you need to watch exactly what you eat and how much you eat. How teenage girls have been represented in 'Mean Girls' definitely contributes and effects to how society perceives teenage girls. As the movie 'Mean Girls' has shown a variety of different stereotypes, particularly in relation to teenage girls, this supposedly gives an idea to the audience of how girls act and behave. This may mean that many people might have negative attitudes towards teenage
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