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In the modern times, we have created a lot of ideas which are so important today that our lives wouldn’t hold up without such notions: "society”, "individual”, "family unit”, "state". At the same time, however, these notions have caused some problems to divide people, for example, the nation-states require the peoples to be a member of the state, not of the other states, which makes it impossible to integrate different peoples. The problem to obstruct such attempts is that each one of us feel a sense of identity to such an imaginary thing. Among others, what we most perceive a sense of identity to is our names. In Japan, there are some problems over names such as Kirakira names (bizarre names), different surnames, or name change. However, both…show more content…
When it comes to different surname issue, some affirms that the system should be adopted soon, and the others claim that it would ruin the notion of the family. However, whether the conclusion would be in the end, this is not a problem that the concept of family is oppressing individuals nor a problem that family is in the face of crisis. First, even if the proposition is applied, what few change in the name is just whether either of a couple takes over the ancestors’ family name or both of a couple do so. As long as we aren’t able to abandon family names, consecutiveness from our own ancestors still remains although the advocates aim to break free from the restriction connected to the notion of family whether the family is one they form after marriage or one they are born into. Plus, the concept of family as the opponents support it doesn’t exist today in the first place. Certainly in the family before Industrial Revolution (and partly in the family after that, too although the degree is far lower), most people would have one hundred percent belonged to their family, not to other groups at all, and spent heavenly life in it: the relationship among each member of the family was so strong that they accept other members as they were, not depending on calling names. However, after

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