Cause Of Social Media Addiction

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Social media is believed to be a place where people can interact with others, however, studies have found otherwise. Social media is rapidly growing with more than 185 million americans possessing it, half of them being teens. Social media comprises of great platforms such as Snapchat, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. Each of these platforms experience components of driving teens into using it like human interaction and connecting to others. Despite that, teenagers are still feeling lonely and upset. Some parents consider school or bullying to be the basis of isolation but that is not the case. Although lonely teens go to social media in an attempt for interaction, social media still causes isolation in teens because of addiction, depression, and lack of personal interaction.…show more content…
Any sort of addiction is guaranteed to negatively impact social life. So all the teens who are trapped inside of their home and glued to their cell phones are most likely affected by social media isolation. According to Alice G. Walton, “social media is just a time suck, and uses up time that might otherwise be spent in actual person-to-person socialization” (Social Media May Make You Feel Socially Isolated: Study). This shows teens are investing more than enough time to social media which avoids real life socialization. Since real life interaction is much more effective than social interaction, this causes teens to feel isolated. Rachel Hosie also suggests, “the longer someone spends on social media, the less time they have for real life interactions” (People Who Use Social Media A Lot Are Isolated). The quote is also exclaiming how teens are shortening the length of real communication by using social media way too much. Overall, social media can suck up too much time which can result in less interactions and even

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