Alyssa Guan Celebrity Influence On Teenagers

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Coursework assignment 3 A celebrity is someone with a well-known reputation who is classed as famous; this is especially for those in the entertainment business. For example, this could include those who are known for being on television or producing music. In her article, Alyssa Guana conveys that she believes celebrities are an extremely negative influence on teenagers. Her main point being the unhealthy body image they portray as perfect and the belief that everything a celebrity does is correct. Whilst agreeing with Guana in certain points of the article, I also disagree with some of the other points she makes. Almost immediately, Guana raises the point that celebrities give teenagers unrealistic and unhealthy ambitions which can lead…show more content…
For example, Guana says “without the help of parents, peers and most of all society and the media, teenagers will continue to be overcome by the negative monster that is celebrities”. I partly agree with this, due to the fact that not all celebrities are the monsters Guana is claiming they are. While some celebrities may not be positive role models for teenagers, some can have a very good effect on teenagers and the lives they lead. I also disagree with the title of monsters that Guana has given to celebrities that do not create a positive influence for teenagers; the majority of these celebrities in question have not done anything vitally wrong. For example, Miley Cyrus is labelled as a celebrity that has encouraged teenagers to act negatively with “a new poll this week indicated Miley Cyrus is the worst role model”. Miley Cyrus has not done anything disastrously awful to deserve the title she has been given. The media repeatedly focuses on the minor mistakes celebrities make instead of reporting about the actual important things like the everyday dangers teenagers face in regards to online safety and/or mental

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