Merchants Of Cool: Documentary On The Profitable Teenager Industry

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The documentary entitled Merchants of Cool: Documentary on the Profitable Teenager Industry deals with the relationship between youth and media, especially how they are affected by advertising and how they are influencing the media back. During this documentary, a series of arguments are presented, mainly how teenagers are powerful customers who spend a lot of money and who are attracted by new products, which make them a profitable target for advertising. But teenagers are not gullible, and they revolt against media the way they would revolt against authority, and this caused the media to strike back and shape itself according to this market, by conducting market researches and this implies that they follow potential customers by following their habits and asking them about what will get them to buy more. The documentary further argues that media tend to shape youth, by displaying images that will influence their behaviors, according to their natural predisposition, for instance, young people tend to have higher levels of dopamine and are more sensitive to their hormone levels, and they are exposed to shows that will certainly appeal to them, like wrestling and highly sexualized shows staring people from the same generation , causing the young population to obsess over their physical appearances in an attempt to resemble the celebrities, which will certainly push them…show more content…
Teenagers are fascinated by all that’s new and love to buy new things, teenagers also love to rebel, and when they are confronted with something new they adhere to it, especially if it means it differentiates them from their parents and other people. Teenagers are also obsessed with their image and are easily impressed by celebrities and tend to imitate their behavior and

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