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Success of Process Excellence – Science or Art? Based on the experience, I believe that Process Excellence will be a great Success when it is more of Science mixed with Art. Process excellence is a slogan to describe the set of improvement methods such as Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering, and technology driven Business Process Management with the objective of improving operational performance. There has been a great attention dedicated to the science of deploying each of these various improvement methods. Indeed, these methods of improvement have become increasingly codified and even commoditized. Much less attention has been focused on the art of succeeding with process excellence. In 1993, Hammer and Champy…show more content…
It’s important to choose a project with high visibility, where the benefits are significant and the odds of success are high. It’s essential to assure that the leaders of the departments touched by the selected process actively commit to the improvement effort. It’s also critical to estimate the organization’s capacity to absorb change. Setting clear goals: All improvement projects need to be goal driven. There are methods to assure that project goals are observable and measureable. Setting goals that are both achievable and yet aggressive is as much an art as it is a science. So is the selection of the very best people to participate on the project team, crafting a compelling case for change and the creation of broad based communication of program and project goals to inform and engage the…show more content…
There is ample room here not only for better, more broadly and uniformly understood methods as well as a greater appreciation of the subtle art in sustaining the benefits of process change. Assuring that customer focused metrics become part of leadership’s scorecard, aligning rewards and recognition systems with desired value creating outcomes, establishing the needed governance for sustained attention to process, and shifting organization culture such that managers stress the management of the interaction of their unit with other units within and outside the company are just a few of the critical elements in this transformational

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