The Walt Disney Company Analysis

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The Walt Disney is one of the most famous names in the animation industry. Its reputation is providing entertainment directed to all-age customers and audiences; with international theme parks and resorts, a world-class animation studio and business franchise which leads the company to become the leader by the industry. Besides that, the company has a great emphasis on corporate social responsibility. This is evidenced in that fact that The Walt Disney Company is one of the companies with the best Corporate Social Responsibility reputation in 2016 (“Forbes Magazine”). To maintain its reputation and its third position since 2014, The Walt Disney Company has written codes that formally announce their commitment to do business in an ethical manner…show more content…
Integrity, honesty, trust, respect, playing by the rules, and teamwork is six standards that a Cast Member or employee is expected to use to guide the way they act. An extraordinary training program about the Company’s standards of the business is obligatory as part of being compliant with the company. Through the Company’s learning management system known as “Disney Development Connection”, its intention is to direct Disney employees how to behave ethically, and legally, in order to comply with these standards. It's the employees’ responsibility to make ethical decisions with integrity and honesty on the job. To play by the rules means that employees and cast members must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in performing their duties. Another expectation for their employees is to familiar and follow the Standards all the times, invoke help when they have any question. If anyone violates the Standards, they are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination since they are committed to compliance with…show more content…
The Company is committed to operating its businesses with the utmost integrity, working firmly to make the company profitable, and adopting governance policies that promote the thoughtful and independent representation of its shareholder interests. In this way, the employee is obligated to make objective decisions on behalf of the Company and avoid the conflict of interests happen. Employees or cast members can refer to the corporate management audit department (the department to inspect the behaviors of managers who can have an influence on any financial interest of the company) to define any conflicts of interest that may arise. The Company’s interests have to be in priority when employees purchase products or services, and seek to obtain the maximum value for the money spent consistent with Company policy. A Cast Member or employee must also comply with the Company’s competitive bidding policy such as treat all vendors fairly, honestly and courteously. One of its commitments is having its suppliers reflect the same diversity that it seeks in its workforce. It even created a gift giving and receiving policy to be fair and ethical in purchasing decisions, and avoid unfair buying tactics and favoritism. One weakness in the Standards of Business is that fact that employees are not encouraged to build their own ethical standards. It is considered that the company doesn't want any

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