Malcolm Maldrige National Quality Case Study

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CONTENTS SUMMARY 1 INTRODUCTION 1 MALCOLM BALDRIGE NATIONAL QUALITY (MBNQ) AWARD 2 EFQM EXCELLENCE MODEL 2 DUBAI QUALITY AWARD 2 ANALYSIS AND ARGUMENTS 3 MALCOLM BALDRIGE NATIONAL QUALITY (MBNQ) AWARD 3 EFQM EXCELLENCE MODEL 3 DUBAI QUALITY AWARD 4 DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION 5 RECOMMENDATIONS 5 REFERENCES 5 SUMMARY This case study deals with different business excellence projects given to various enterprises operating in different parts of the world to manage and control the quality standards of the organization and its working through different management approaches. The three basic business excellence recognitions for managing the management quality standards are as follows: 1. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality (MBNQ) Award given in U.S.…show more content…
This framework ensures that all the different initiatives are leading in the single direction. This model is based on the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) except that the latter one is applied to both of the private as well as the public sector and comprises of five enablers and four results. ANALYSIS AND ARGUMENTS MALCOLM BALDRIGE NATIONAL QUALITY (MBNQ) AWARD This model gives the three awards annually for the each of the six categories; namely: manufacturing, education, service and healthcare, nonprofit and small business by the President of United States presently. The examiners constitute the independent boards to judge the organizations that apply for the award and select them on the basis of their achievements and improvements done in the past in several areas which are known as Baldrige Criteria for Performance excellence. The criterions to be studied to select the companies are as under (ASQ): 1. Leading as an example in the community in which the organization works. 2. Maintaining and retaining the customers of the organization. 3. Efficient and effective establishment of the strategic…show more content…
Dubai Quality Award (DQA) is presented to the enterprises from different sectors like services, tourism, finance, trade, professional, manufacturing and construction. The winners of DQA can apply for the Gold category after 3 years from date when they receive their feedback reports. 3. Dubai Quality Appreciation Program (DQAP) is presented to enterprises to appreciate and acknowledge their work in their journey of achieving the excellence. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award considers only seven criterions to award the enterprises by the independent board of directors and the award is presented annually. In case of EFQM, the enterprises are reviewed annually and are awarded on the basis of eight criterions as compared to that of the MBNQ. These provide the practical tools to the organizations in order to establish proper management systems and help them in reducing the gaps in future. Dubai Quality Award is basically awarded in three categories and is valid for three years. These are awarded on the basis of continuous performance by the organizations.

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