Sports Executive Ethics

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In order to be a successful sports executive, there are many attributes that one should possess. Perhaps, most importantly, a sports executive should uphold integrity and ethical values. As a sports executive, I plan to exhibit such behavior in order to be successful. Not only is this behavior important for success, it is demonstrates an individuals morals and integrity. Furthermore, those executives that commit unethical behavior may experience temporary success, but will have failure eventually catch up with them. Lastly, I will surround myself with individuals who share the same values as I do. First and foremost, a successful sports executive should respect all athletes, coaches, and opponents. This is essential as it shows that you care about others and demonstrate integrity. Additionally, as a sports executive I plan to take responsibility for failings. If something goes correctly I will acknowledge the help of everyone involved. For example, if I become a…show more content…
I would want to recruit players who display as much excellence off the field as they do on the field. In doing so, I would make sure I was fair with players and was meticulous in my decision-making. If I had a star player who was accused of domestic violence, for example, I would immediately suspend him from the team. I would then wait for the judicial process to commence before making any further decision. If the player was acquitted of any charges then I would make sure that he did not commit such a heinous crime. If he got away with the crime, then I would either release or trade him. In order to abide by these ethical standards, it is important to build a foundation of individuals who hold similar values. Furthermore, it is important that I also set a positive example consistently in my personal life in order to provide credence to my

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