Importance Of Motivation Essay

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Nowadays, pointer is the first measurement for those who become a student. Students often measured by academic achievement in attaining excellence. When students receive their high pointer held in high regard than those who got a low pointer. As such, it is often an issue when students do not get a good results. Failure of students to obtain excellence is often associated with a variety of reasons. Among the reasons most students were less motivated to learn and lazy to learn. Therefore, my opinion is motivation important to university's students in Malaysia. Generally, motivation refers to the tendency of a person who can influence its behavior. It means the requirement of self-propel someone to do something. According H.W. Bernard, in his book Psychology of Learning (1965), stated motivation is the…show more content…
This is because, when they see a person's success in achieving excellent results, they will feel motivated to the pursuit of excellence also. According to Crow and Crow (1981) describes motivation as something that makes the human urge to change attitudes, interests or activities. In 1986 also, according to Sharifah Alwiah Alsagoff, she explains that motivation as stimulatory action on a goal that was once there is little or no interest towards that goal. This is show that the motivation will help a student succeed in their studies. In addition, the motivation is also important because it encourages healthy competition among students. Healthy competition is good not only will increase the competition itself is indirectly motivate individuals to continue to strive for self-improvement. For example, the lecturer asks questions in class it can actually motivate students through the questions. Students will feel motivated when they see their colleagues were able to answer the questions put by the lecturer. This will encourage students to learn to develop

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