Define The Importance Of Partnership Working In Health And Social Care

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This essay will seek to critically explain and define the importance of working positively in partnership with others in health and social care. Working in partnership is a very important element of practice within health and social care. The concepts of power sharing, consultation and joint ways of working are essential for effective service provision. As Health and social care professionals we need to understand the importance of promoting autonomy with individuals. We also need to be aware of our own roles and responsibilities and how they relate to others within the sector. I will be exploring the nature of partnership on three levels. First I will examine partnership with users of services that empower individuals to make informed decisions and encourage independence. Secondly I will consider partnerships between different professionals within health and social care and explore inter-agency working. Finally, I will investigate organisational partnership and examines different ways of joint working at a strategic level. I will be studying a range of theories and research findings relating to partnership philosophies and joint working practice. Methods of promoting positive partnership working will be analysed along with relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures. I will also examine strategies to improve the outcomes of…show more content…
One other purpose is to extend the capacity of users to participate in their decisions. Service user involvement in health care is seen as a very important and can be effective in a care setting however barriers to service user’s involvement can stop service user being involved. Barriers to service user involvement include factors such as lack of information, financial and time costs, concerns over representatives and resistance to the idea of users as

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