The Importance Of Creativity In Creative Development

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In today's world there is rapid, unpredictable and unstable change in every field such as technology, economy, education, environment etc… (e.g. Craft, 2011; Facer, 2011; Facer et al., 2011). In this context, perhaps the only certainty we could consider, is change. Change must be understood as the necessary context for any endeavor that seeks to design and realize educational futures. As Kirton’s (1989) definition of the feature of human is that, all the human beings are able to adapt (Hoicka, Bjovet-van der Berg, Kerr and Carberry, 2013). This is critical, as if we always imitate what has already been done, then we would likely not survive when changes hit our environment. Thus, it is crucial that we can come up with novel, creative ideas.…show more content…
This conception may be damaging to children's creative development (Prentice, 2000), as well as suggesting that only particular types of people can be creative. However, in recent years more emphasis has been placed upon creativity as a ‘universal capability’ (Siraj-Blatchford, 2007), and thus the idea that everyone has creative potential, had grown (Runco, 2003). At the same time, it is important to bear in mind Kaufmann's (2003), caution about seeing ‘every little piece of change and novelty’ as creative, particularly if we are to distinguish it from other ideas, and to have any possibility of shared understanding. So, whilst sharing Prentice's (2000) view that there may be multiple meanings and no universally accepted definition, it was valuable for us to identify some key ideas. For that reason, starting point must be that all acts of creativity must, by their nature, involve some creative thinking (Cited from Robson, 2013). And in some acts of creativity; children have to interact with unstructured environments and materials and have a chance to play with different kinds of materials, in different situations. Creative thinking and divergent thinking are different from each others. As stated by Runco and Acar (2012) divergent thinking often leads to originality and originality is the central feature of creativity. For that reason actually creative thinking is the wide angled explanation due to divergent thinking. In the measurement of creativity different kinds of tests and inventories can be used. Creative thinking tests mainly focus on the measurement of fluency, originality, flexibility and elaboration, but most of the divergent thinking tests only use fluency and originality as the indicator of divergent thinking (Runco and Acar, 2012; Hoicka, Bjovet-van den Berg, Kerr and Carberry, 2013; Robson, 2013). The

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