The Role Of Industrialization In Canada

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It is a public norm to assess a country based on its economic status and industrial variations. Not only do these factors help in developing the country in terms of economic monopoly and sustainability, but they are also important in shaping the country’s history when it is scrutinized later in search for learned lessons to be pursued in the future. Canada, for example, at some point revolutionized its industries that initiated a state of competition between Canada and other developed countries. Particularly, during Canada’s second industrial revolution (1890-1945), new industries have emerged that ultimately left their significant mark on the Canadian economy for many years to come. From iron and steel, to clothing and agricultural implements,…show more content…
Headquartered in Toronto, this company quickly developed into “the largest company of its kind in the British Empire.” Remarkably, the company strived for early innovation through their production of special farm machinery like the “Toronto Light Binder” in the late 19th century and the “Wallis Tractor” in 1927, all of which contributed to helping farmers in their process of planting and harvesting in the most efficient way. In fact, not only did the Massey-Harris’ produce machines that benefit domestic farmers, but they also were a great benefit to farmers internationally. It is said that Hart Massey, the president of the Massey-Harris Company Limited, used to “walk [every day before going to his office] through the front reception where 60 flags hung of the countries in which the Massey Harris Company sold its products.” Additionally, to highlight the company’s efficiency, Douglas Phillips reported that workers at the company would notice that “Hart could spot a bent nail lying on the floor from a “hundred feet away”” It is evident that the widespread of the company’s machinery equipment across a large number of countries was a context that Hart Massey really cherished. The company’s process of perfecting their products was definitely a crucial attitude that brought them to success. Eventually, in a matter of short time, the company…show more content…
The company’s very own produced “self-propelled combines” have revolutionized the farming industry and started a new invention that moved farming to a whole new level. The benefit of these new combines is that they addressed a main challenge that farmers were facing while using the old tractors. The central setback with the traditional tractors used was the fact that they required a decent amount of power in order to perform certain tasks like plowing. However, with the Massey Harris’ introduction of new machines that contained both the engine and the drive wheels within, the self-propelled combines were more efficient as they “captured more wheat from the field, so there was less waste”, and also “operated faster than tractors and would not destroy wheat in the turns like tractors did” In reduction of waste and fuel while simultaneously, solving the problem of the contemporary decreased labour supply and limited manpower, the Massey-Harris Company marked its significance into the Canadian history by creating its own new and innovative industry that helped farmers greatly at the

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