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Never say never. History teaches us several things and this is one of the major things that individuals realize and forget . Several years ago , it was said that the world is flat . But there are always a tinge of creatures in this human race who cannot always go with the popular belief and want to think otherwise. They refuse to stick to the fact that "The world can never be of any other shape except flat" . So they travelled across and reached the initial point by travelling through the opposite direction and thus said that the world is circular or a closed looped surface. They started with the belief of "never say never" and questioned what has been told to them, but as they were close to the finishing line they slipped their belief and said " The world is anything but flat and it can never be flat " . They said it with never. Today the world is fighting against that popular belief and trying to make it flat. A smooth flat surface with no bars, no dissimilarity and a motto to connect each other with one culture. 2. DEFINING CROSS-CULTURAL MARKETING…show more content…
Also how it differs from country to country and how other forms of advertisement changes be it website or any other digital media. The affect of digital divide is also needed to be learnt here. In short , it is required to understand how to respect the difference. Now there are several theories for the same but two of them has always been able to attract most of the eyes. The models of Geert Hofstede and Edward T.Hall are old but their categories for considering differences still hold effectively valid in most of the cases . They discuss dissimilarities in culture on basis of “Uncertainity Avoidance,” Individualism vs. Collectivism and “low-context” vs. “high-context”

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