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es facilitated by computers Cyber crime against government Cyber crime against society Prevention of cyber crime Conclusion Bibliography Abstract “Cyber crime” basically refers to any criminal activity committed against individual or groups using modern telecommunication networks. It differs from manual crime in four main ways, which are easy to perform, requiring very little amount of resources for great damage, being committable in a jurisdiction in which the culprit is not physically present and hence it is entirely not illegal. Practically any crime, from vandalism to theft, extortion to copyright infringement, can become a cyber-crime. This article will discuss all the cybercrimes briefly along with some examples of cyber-crimes committed against the government, society and individuals. Also various preventive measures against these unlawful acts in day to day life are been suggested in this article. Introduction Cyber crime is not an old sort of crime to the world. It is defined as any criminal activity which takes place on or over the medium of computers or internet or other technology recognised by the Information Technology Act. Cyber crime is the most prevalent crime playing a devastating role in Modern India. Not only the criminals are…show more content…
It is very difficult to classify crimes into different groups as many crimes are committed on a daily basis. In the real world crimes like rape, murder or theft need not necessarily be the only crimes committed. Eventually, all cybercrimes involve both the computer and the person behind it, as victims. Hence we look at the computer either as tool or a target for simplicity’s sake. For example, hacking involves attacking the computer’s information and other

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