Disadvantages Of 4G Technology

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Today’s youth are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders. The ever-growing rate of innovations and technologies offering incredible opportunities but at the same time it also challenges us to keep pace with the right education, skills, and experiences in order to be geared up for these new jobs and opportunities. Today also there are many young people who are struggling because of the lack of connections, experience, or knowledge needed to find the employment. A Look at the Statistics According to a report “Internet in India 2015’, Internet users in India is expected to surpass 402 million by the end of December 2015, registering a significant growth of 49 percent over the last year, making India home to the largest Internet user…show more content…
Essentially, 4G is a way of squashing bigger chunks of data over radio waves. Basically it turns your smartphone into a device with links to the web as good as a desktop computer's – in theory making video calling or multi-player gaming, watching BBC iPlayer just as picture perfect on the move as it is at home. With the use of smartphone and technology like 4G, the youth of India are now more knowledgeable, connected and empowered by accessing important things online. They can now keep their opinion in front of the people via social media platforms. 4G Technology is growing in a very swift pace, thus making people’s life easier and hassle-free. Many people believe that technologies are hurting today’s truth. But the fact is the advent of technologies and innovation has made it possible for the youth to know about the trendy things, latest news, and others as soon as they occur. Technology is developing for a good reason. It is getting advanced day by day and thus becoming more and more influential in everyday life. There are numbers of benefits associated with the Internet including being in touch with people dwelling in different corners of the world, meeting long lost friends, and much

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