Abuela Invents The Zero Summary

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Experience: practical contact with and observation of facts or events. Our life experiences are what people do, how they act, what they have done, where they are going. Our actions and experiences shape people to become who they are. The most important factor in why people choose to do something is life experiences. The way they handle the situation is based off what they have learned through their life. In the excerpt from “Abuela Invents the Zero” by Judith Ortiz-Cofer, the narrator, Constancia had scarcely met Abuela, her grandmother and Abuela troubling her made her make the decision not to help her. Judith Ortiz-Cofer states, “I [Constancia] had seen her only three or four times in my entire life” (para. 2). This sentence shows that…show more content…
Because her experience was not really knowing her grandmother, her choice was to disrespect her and not help her. The author also says, “My father decides that he should stay home with my mother and that I should escort la abuela to church. He tells me this on Saturday night as I’m getting ready to go out to the mall with my friends” (Ortiz-Cofer para. 4). This excerpt demonstrates that Connie already didn’t want to go to church with Abuela because she had “better” things to do. As a result, she thought Abuela was going to embarrass her, and she had the experience of never having to take care of someone or drive people around. As a result of this, Connie thought her number one priority was to go to the mall with her friends, and she didn’t care about caring for Abuela. Lastly, according to the author, “You should know, Constancia, that if it wasn’t for the old woman whose existence you don’t seem to value, you and I would not be here” (Ortiz-Cofer para. 20). Constancia’s life experience with never having truly met her grandmother, led her to not value her. In the story, Constancia doesn’t appreciate her grandmother…show more content…
In the story, Hannah says to the March sisters, “‘Your ma went straight off to see what was needed. There never was such a woman for givin’ away vittles and drink, clothes and firin’,’ replied Hannah, who had lived with the family since Meg was born, and was considered by them all more as a friend than a servant” (Alcott para. 17). Mrs. March is known for being extraordinarily giving and always aiding in people who are in need. Consequently, the March sisters saw their mother’s example and followed it. In the text, Beth says, “‘Let’s each get [Marmee] something for Christmas, and not get anything for ourselves’” (Alcott para. 6). The March sisters decide that they would like to give gifts to their mother instead of themselves seeing as Marmee was generous to them and they were thoughtful and decided to give something to her, too. This was owing to the fact that Marmee would always get them gifts. They wanted to be just like her and get her presents for Christmas, too. Lastly, Marmee asks the March girls, “‘My girls, will you give [the poor family] your breakfast as a Christmas present?’” (Alcott para. 32). Marmee knew that her daughters would be inclined to agree after all she taught them and she was persuading them to help and be gracious and giving because that is the

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