Personal Reflective Report: Carissa Holley

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Assignment #4 Nori Clements 5.2 and 5.3 My supervisor is Carissa Holley. My relationship with her is good. In the beginning, she let me know that she had spoken with a UH instructor about having a student who was more advanced and already had basic skills in dealing with people. When I started to work with her she asked me about the things I wanted to learn and focus on. I let her know that working directly with the public in different situations was the practice I wanted. I was capable of doing research and entering data, however, I needed to be able to practice open-ended questions, summaries, and other skills. Carissa let me know that after shadowing a few of their events for a period of time she would like to see me actually…show more content…
What I see is her ability to treat me as her partner and team member, she doesn’t act like a boss. She is beginning to delegate some tasks to me knowing that I have the ability to complete what she is asking, this builds my confidence. She is approachable and open and encourages communication and tries to establish close working relationships with all. Carissa is flexible as she is aware that I am time limited, so she is accommodating in that I am not expected to participate in all events only the ones that I can. Her communication with me is clear she makes me feel more like a co-worker than a student, there is a schedule of events that all have access to so I know where to be when to be at particular locations in the calendar are all the details surrounding the event. Carissa has given me access to the calendar and in that way, I feel included in the Blue Zone Project program of events. What I see in Carissa is her passion for helping, educating, and motivating people to be their best. She emphasizes the importance of starting where you are, making one small change at a time and being okay if you only get so far. She expresses a non-judgmental attitude and builds trust with people. All the while she is focused on her personal goals of creating a community of health and well being based on the principals o the Blue Zones Project and refers often to her mentor Dan

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