Gender Inequality Reflection

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Section 3: Reflection and Discussion The trip to Newcastle gave me real insight into the issue of gender inequality that management is facing in Northern East England. Before heading to Newcastle, all of the articles I read regarding gender discrimination, and varying in date of publication from 1990s to 2017, showed that Newcastle had a severe problem regarding the male perception of women with power. It has been supported that women were more likely to be perceived and evaluated negatively in leadership roles (Eagly and Karau, 2002). Therefore, it was essential to experience this dilema first hand, in order to know for sure the extent of the problem. During our visit to Newcastle, I had an opportunity to communicate with managers from various…show more content…
Such issues, as the one defining and constricting the position of women in the workplace hierarchy, have to be dealt with as soon as possible. Newcastle presents itself as a great place for change, as it is smaller community in which situations like these can easily be observed, and rarely go unnoticed, unlike in London. The facts are that women make up approximately fifty percent of the whole population, therefore, creating a more gender balanced workplace will “promote social development and expand economic growth” (Sustainable development goals, 2017). There are many who think that things are working smoothly as it is and that gender should not be a part of the sustainable development goals. However, these people don’t seem to recognize that there is a need for change. I personally am of belief, based on the extensive research I conducted, that there is still a lot of room for growth in the gender equality aspect of the hospitality industry. While some fail to see the impact that gender inequality has on sustainability, my experience in Newcastle has shown me that there are certain qualities that women bring to the workplace and men don’t generally possess. Firstly, gender diversity brings together different kinds of energies that can contribute to a more creative…show more content…
What I learned from studying and researching this topic is that female inequality is a very big issue in today's society and that there is a clear hierarchy established based on gender and not on merit. Moving forward, this needs to

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