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During the early 1920s and 1930s Hundreds of African Americans expressed their opinions and started a movement known as the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance was about African Americans who migrated from the south to the north. During this time there was a mass increase in black artists, musicians, and writers who were reflecting their individuality of their work. There was a great conflict between African Americans and their art with the white Americans. The art that was being produced was highly controversial, it seemed as if African Americans were depicting their hardship during slavery which distanced them, or bound themselves to whites (wc.) One of the most famous and widely known examples of this conflict were from George Schuyler’s “Black No More,” and “Negro-Art Hokum” and Langston Hughes work “The Negro Artist and Racial Mountain.” George Schuyler believed that white and black art were equal. That the…show more content…
Take Langston Hughes for an example: Hughes was never the one to push the word “Social Equality,” yet he did feel that certain rights should be allowed to both black artists as well as white artists. Hughes states that “because white Americans are stupid when it comes to race, that blacks have to fool the whites (BOOK). African Americans did not have the same rights as whites. What rights they did have, there were limitations set upon them to keep them equal yet separate. White Americans believed that all art in any form written, painted, sculpted, or sung was African Americans way to describe their hardships during slavery about the white people. Another thing Hughes believed was that African Americans should take pride in their art not try to produce, or act white. Two of the biggest ways African Americans fooled the whites is described in Langston Hughes work “The Negro Artist and Racial

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