Essay On Cultural Identity

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What have the unit texts taught us about the importance of appreciating your cultural identity as well as that of others, and the role culture plays in shaping our identity? Your culture makes up and affects your identity is a big way. I will discuss how these ideas are represented within the text we have studied. This text includes poems; such as “Half Caste” by John Agard, “Search for my Tongue” by Sujata Bhalt, “Hurricane Hits England” by Grace Nichols and “Presents From My Aunt in Pakistan” by Monzina Alvi. We also have looked at a novel by Gene Luien Yang called “American Born Chinese. All this text contains different ideas concerning identity and have several different themes. Appreciating your cultural identity as well as that of others, and understanding…show more content…
In some text we saw examples about where people didn’t appreciate their own identities. A theme that falls under this idea was that identity is personal and cannot be changed. In “American Born Chinese” by Gene Luien Yang, we read about a character called Jin Wang. Jin is an Asian American. When a herbalist asked Jin, “So little friend, who do you plant to become when you grow up?”. Jin answered, “…Well…I…I want to be a transformer!”. The idea of a transformer could represent the Americans who are all the similar or the same, robot like. This could be a reason why Jin would like to be a robot. Jin is searching for his identity in a school where he is the only male Asian American student for a time being. Ironically, Jin wants acceptance from others but when a new Asian American student arrives, Jin wants nothing to do with him. We see this in the following text; Wei-Chen: “…Eh…we-b-be friend?” / Jin: “I have enough friends”. However, when Jin sees Wei Chen has a transformer his attitude quickly changes; Jin: “What is that?” / Wei-Chen: “A toy robot. He can change into a robot monkey. My father gave it to me just before I left. As a good bye present.” / Jin: “Can I see it?” / Wei-Chen: “Sure.”
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